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Recently published: CSEL 106

Ambrosius Mediolanensis, Orationes funebres I: In psalmum 61/De obitu Gratiani, De consolatione Valentiniani/De obitu Valentiniani, De obitu Theodosii, ediert von V. Zimmerl-Panagl, Berlin u.a. 2021 (CSEL 106).

Among the works of Ambrose, his funeral orations occupy a special position and have aroused interest in various fields of research: they are of interest to philology as the first complete funeral orations from Late Antiquity and as literarily artistic documents; due to their historical implications, they are valuable sources for historians; and in their exegetical, dogmatic and Christological focus, they are precious witnesses for patristic research. In the present volume, Ambrose’s speeches for the two emperors Valentinian II and Theodosius I are presented in a new edition that takes into account the wide range of the manuscript tradition. Since in some codices the exposition of Psalm 61 (the last text of the Explanatio psalmorum XII, ed. M. Petschenig, CSEL 64) is handed down together with these two ‘imperial speeches’ as De obitu Gratiani, and this branch of the tradition had remained unnoticed in the edition of the Explanatio psalmorum XII, this text is also newly edited with a detailed introduction.


An unknown Latin translation of the sermons of Pseudo-Makarios

A sensational discovery was made in a late antique codex of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan. Clemens Weidmann, a member of the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL) at the Department of Classical Studies, was able to identify a text written in the 6th century as a Latin translation of Greek sermons that had probably been … Continue reading “An unknown Latin translation of the sermons of Pseudo-Makarios”

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Recently published

Enarrationes in Psalmos 61-70 – ed. H. Müller, CSEL 94/2

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Evening Lecture and Workshop

Shari Boodts, Patristic sermons in the Middle Ages

Databases of medieval artefacts and manuscripts

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CSEL 105: Augustinus, Späte Schriften zur Gnadenlehre

De gratia et libero arbitrio, De praedestinatione sanctorum libri duo (olim: De praedestinatione sanctorum, De dono perseverantiae) – ed. by V. H. Drecoll and C. Scheerer in cooperation with B. Gleede, 2019, CSEL 105

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Augustinus, Epistulae ad Romanos inchoata expositio

Peu avant d’accéder à l’épiscopat d’Hippone, en l’année 395/396, Augustin entreprend un projet ambitieux de commentaires sur les épîtres de saint Paul. Après un commentaire succinct sur Galates, et un livre de « Questions » sur Romains, il entame un commentaire à grande échelle sur Romains, qui doit égaler, voire surpasser, tout autre commentaire scripturaire … Continue reading “Augustinus, Epistulae ad Romanos inchoata expositio”

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CSEL 104: Collatio Carthaginensis anni 411

Collatio Carthaginensis anni 411: Gesta collationis Carthaginensis, Augustinus, Breviculus collationis; Augustinus, Ad Donatistas post collationem – ed. C. Weidmann (CSEL 104) More than 500 bishops were invited to attend a trial in Carthage in 411 that terminated the 100-year-old Donatist schism. The extensive records of the trial, which are largely preserved, provide valuable insight into church history. They … Continue reading “CSEL 104: Collatio Carthaginensis anni 411”

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CSEL Fortunatianus: Text, Translation and Collective Volume

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New CSEL-Volumes

Fortunatianus Aquileiensis, Commentarii in evangelia – ed. L.J. Dorfbauer (CSEL 103)

Fortunatianus redivivus. Bischof Fortunatian von Aquileia und sein Evangelienkommentar – ed. by L.J. Dorfbauer (CSEL Extra Seriem)

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CSEL 102: Augustinus, De musica

Augustinus, De musica – ed. M. Jacobsson, Introduction by M. Jacobsson and L. J. Dorfbauer (CSEL 102)

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CSEL 100: Prosper, Liber epigrammatum

Prosper Aquitanus, Liber epigrammatum – ed. A. Horsting 2016, CSEL 100

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Fortunatianus Redivivus

International Colloquium held at the University of Salzburg, 17th – 19th September 2015

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Bishop Fortunatianus of Aquileia’s Commentary on the Gospels found

An anonymous commentary on the Gospels in MS Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibl. 17 (s. IX1/3) has now been identified by Lukas J. Dorfbauer as the work of bishop Fortunatianus of Aquileia.

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Film: The New Erfurt Sermons

Historical background — scholarly evaluation — edition Length: ca. 6 minutes FILM (ca. 27 MB) List of references (September 2009)

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New Augustine sermons

Four entirely new sermons and two up to now only partly known sermons were recently discovered by I. Schiller, D. Weber und C. Weidmann (scholars at the CSEL / Vienna).

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