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Critical Editions of the Works of the Latin Church Fathers

Using current philological methods and editorial techniques, members of the commission, collaborators and scholars from various countries have been producing editions of the writings of Christian Latin authors covering the period from late antiquity to the early Middle Ages, i. e. from the late second century to the death of the Venerable Bede in 735.
These editions are based on as many relevant manuscripts as possible and each manuscript tradition has been carefully emended. The volumes published thus far contain more than one third of all the writings that need to be taken into consideration. At present the commission concentrates on editing works of St. Augustine, St. Ambrose, St. Jerome and monastic rules. The list of projects gives an overview of the volumes which are in the process of completion. Editions in preparation can be found at Projects. Since 2012 our books have been published by De Gruyter, Berlin. Earlier volumes: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.


  • Ambrosius, Exameron, De paradiso, De Cain et Abel, De Noe, De Abraham, De Isaac, De bono mortis - ed. K. Schenkl 1896/1897, CSEL 32/1
  • Ambrosius, De Iacob, De Ioseph, De patriarchis, De fuga saeculi, De interpellatione Iob et David, De apologia David, Apologia David altera, De Helia et ieiunio, De Nabuthae, De Tobia - ed. K. Schenkl 1897, CSEL 32/2
  • Ambrosius, Expositio evangelii secundum Lucan - ed. K. Schenkl 1902, CSEL 32/4
  • Ambrosius, Expositio psalmi CXVIII - ed. M. Petschenig 1913, CSEL 62
  • Ambrosius, Expositio psalmi CXVIII - ed. M. Petschenig, editio altera supplementis aucta cur. M. Zelzer 1999, CSEL 62
  • Ambrosius, Explanatio psalmorum XII - ed. M. Petschenig 1919, CSEL 64
  • Ambrosius, Explanatio psalmorum XII - ed. M. Petschenig, editio altera supplementis aucta cur. M. Zelzer 1999, CSEL 64
  • Ambrosius, Explanatio symboli, De sacramentis, De mysteriis, De paentientia, De excessu fratris, De obitu Valentiniani, De obitu Theodosii - ed. O. Faller 1955, CSEL 73
  • Ambrosius, De fide - ed. O. Faller 1962, CSEL 78
  • Ambrosius, De spiritu sancto libri tres, De incarnationis dominicae sacramento - ed. O. Faller 1964, CSEL 79
  • Ambrosius, Epistulae et acta, epistularum libri I-VI - ed. O. Faller 1968, CSEL 82/1
  • Ambrosius, Epistulae et acta: Epistularum libri VII-VIIII - post O. Faller rec. M. Zelzer 1990, CSEL 82/2
  • Ambrosius, Epistularum liber decimus, Epistulae extra collectionem, Gesta concili Aquileiensis - ed. M. Zelzer 1982, CSEL 82/3
  • Ambrosius. Epistulae et acta: Indices et Addenda - comp. M. Zelzer, adiuvante L. Krestan 1996, CSEL 82/4